Truth Transportation

Mission Statement

We believe the mission of Truth Transportation is to help individuals who need and want to better their lives not only by being able to get to work, but also by having a good safe place to live and by having a job to do if they are unemployed which will pay for their lodging. It is our desire to assist them in finding the best life has to offer them now and into eternity regardless of where it has taken them in the past. We know we all make mistakes and noone is perfect. We believe that the answer to making the world a better place to live is for all of us to allow God's love to flow through us to each other so we can be the type of support we need to be for each other as we continue down the path through life God has placed us on.

The Truth Transportation team is made up of individuals who have suffered with various traumatic experiences in their lives and understand how difficult life can become.

Members of the Truth Transportation team have experienced the freedom Christianity provides by choosing to believe the plain, clear, sensible teachings of the Bible and we know that with a sincere faith in the Truth God has given us, our lives can be changed and anyone can become all they were created to be by taking advantage of His Amazing Grace.

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For more information contact Vernon Smith
at 740-334-9974 or Kevin Bell (740) 973-2871

Truth Transportation
The Newark Advocate April 19th, 2013

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