The Simple Truth $9.99

Description: This book has been written to help everyone who reads it understand a simple concept that, if not fully understood, could possibly facilitate our continuing to live our lives in a destructive cyclical manner. The concept is, "We act on what we really believe".



Bible in a Nutshell $4.99

Description: This "The Bible in a Nutshell" is a simple and concise document that links the major events described in the Bible by putting them in chronological order and giving the reader a high-level view of how God has worked throughout history to invite every human being to have a personal relationship with Him.


Strategic Plan for
Finding Real Life

Description: This manual is prepared from a Christian perspective since the developer believes the power for recovery comes from the indwelling presence of Jesus Christ.


Why Not Come Out to Play?


Description: Why Not Come Out to Play? A story book between a friendship of a frog and a dragon fly. A story by Jeff Rowe and Illustrated by Jeremiah Wigle


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