Hello Vernon! My name is Kristin Moore and I recently read your book "Believe it or Not it's Your Choice" and I have to admit when I began reading it I thought that what you were saying seemed really silly :) I thought "I know when I go against God's will and when I do it's not because I think it would benefit me more... No way!

I do it because I was weak...I know what I believe and I believe God and I believe his way is the right way... I don't believe that when I make a wrong decision that I am acting on what I believe...No Way!!!" But then it all began making sense...... The Bible verse "Sin is fun for a season..." Kept coming in my mind and I realized..... When I go against God's will for my life it is b/c I'm weak.... But I'm weak b/c I believe my way would give me satisfaction quicker even if I know that is not what God wants for me..... I just want to let you know that often I am reminded of the words in your book when I am making decisions.... Thank you for taking the time to write your book... I have shared it with others hoping it would help them to open their eyes to who they really are and what they really believe... Like it opened mine:)

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