"Doing Life Together Helping Each Other"
(The Mind Changing Game)
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The purpose for playing the game is to learn how to live life at it's fullest without needing to have someone else tell you what to do. We have all lived life and have learned much from our experiences, things we have done, things we have read and things we have seen and heard. No one has all the answers and the learning experience never ends. We all can learn much by listening to others share the reasons why they are living the way they are living. Much can be gained by living in community helping each other live our lives to our fullest potential as we help each other to have a successful living experience by sharing life together.

It is important that the facilitator of the game in each session is a mature well balanced individual with a positive outlook on life and one who is a good decision maker as evidenced by their position in life.

Game sale proceeds to benefit WITMinistry efforts to help those suffering from the effects of various debilitating diseases such as Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Mental Illnesses of various kinds.

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