Here are some ways you can help

Tell others about “Life Transformation through the Power of Christ” meetings. Direct them to this website or get them a copy of the “Getting from Here to There, a Spiritual Journey” and the “Life Transformation through the Power of Christ” booklets. These booklets will give direction to those sincerely seeking help with their life destructing addictions whatever they may be. Spare others from what you may have gone through due to participating in unsuccessful recovery programs.

Tell your family doctor, friends, pastor, and relatives that addiction recovery isn’t magic, but through the power God has made available to us through the indwelling presence of Christ, anyone can be healed from the grip of addiction. They can withdraw from other unsuccessful ongoing recovery programs by being restored to the native values and beliefs God intended for them to have from the beginning and freed from their addictions that have held them for so long.

Distribute information on the “Strategic Plan for finding Real Life” program. Print out the download documents and make them available to elected officials, social service agencies, traffic courts, clergy, and others who have contact with addicted people.

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