God's Adoption Process (pdf)

Description: The person who has made the decision to allow God to take control of his or her life, and really wants to live the way God wants them to, is now a Child of God or a Christian.

They have become a Christian only because he or she HAS TRULY BELIEVED that God's plan of adoption is true and that the plan applies to them.


Born Addicted (pdf)

Description: God through Jesus, not religion or church,
is the One who is worthy of our devotion, our surrender and our love.




Finding Real Life (pdf)

Description: The world system is trying to convince you that real life can be experienced as the result of doing or buying this or that or going here or there.

That is why people are doing things they shouldn’t, buying things they don’t need
and going places they shouldn’t go.
The end result is people are stressed out,
anxious, fearful and depressed.


Our God (pdf)

Description: Whatever force or desire we set up as supremely important in our lives and commit our lives, our time and efforts, to becomes our god.




The Christian Experience (pdf)

Description: This presentation is an effort to help unite the Body of Christ around all the wonderful aspects of living the Christian life we all agree on rather than focusing on our differences.

We are Believers in a God who loves us and wants only what is best for us. Each of us is a product of a creation process God put in place and He is the one with a plan for each of our lives.

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