Who we Are

What is Truth Ministry was founded by Vernon Smith who after completing his career as an accounting analyst, being a Bible teacher at some level most of his life, due to his appreciation to God for all he knew God had done for him through Christ, he wanted to give back and help others restore their lives in the manner God had restored his.

He came in contact with a segment of society he knew very little about, the poor, the marginalized, those who are struggling with life possibly due to mental illness or addictions of various types which may have even caused them to be incarcerated due to a misunderstanding of the meaning of and purpose for life.

God placed within his heart a love for the less fortunate and a plan to help bring healing and wholeness to them by conveying to them truth about God, themselves and life.

The What is Truth ministry team includes individuals who have suffered with various traumatic events in their lives including sexual abuse, alcoholism and various types of addictions.

They have found healing and a source of strength to face life with hope only because of the Power of Jesus Christ operating within their lives.

They all are so grateful for the love God has shown and the grace He has extended to them through Christ and they have a strong desire to allow God to use them to help others receive the help they need as well.

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