"Doing Life Together Helping Each Other"

How would you feel about attending a class that functioned in the manner described below?

The class would be called, "
Doing Life Together, Helping Each Other " not calling it a Bible Study because for many, well-meaning Christians have tried to pressure their family or friends into coming to the "Bible Study" at their church using the wrong tactics and having the wrong motives, not love driven, and now there is a natural resistance to something called a "Bible Study" even though they need the information presented in the Bible.

1. A facilitator of the class asks lifestyle questions asking if members do or don't do certain things and they are given a short period of time, perhaps a minute, to answer yes or no and explain why they have made their decision.

2. After the person answering "Yes" hears 20 other people answer "No" and explain why they have made their decision, would the person who has answered “Yes” not rethink their decision to do what they had chosen to do?

I can't help but think there would be believers in the class who would answer giving their reason because of what the Bible said, even quoting scripture and class members would learn by listening to others feeling they are just like them rather than some professional trying to sell them on a concept, an idea based on their own professional opinions even though they were based on much academic effort.

In other words, the class members have made their decision to live the way they do because of what they believe and they become the "experts" in their eyes and if they are wrong, they need to come to that realization themselves.

Hopefully, God can use this approach to make that happen.

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